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The first Genesis we tested happened to be an automatic, which if you read our posts, you would know that we had some issues with it cooperating with us on the dyno. After we resolved these issues, we were able to make some passes and got a 9whp gain. This time we wanted a fresh test to validate our results.

Our next test car happens to be a 2013 Hyundai Genesis coupe 2.0T manual 6 speed transmission. We did our first 3 pulls are results were pretty inconsistent because boost would fluctuate. It was, however, within 3% of hp between runs so we took the highest number which was 241whp and 270wtq.

At this time, we shut the car off and began installing our synchronic bov and charge pipe kit. After the install, we did 3 pulls and horsepower fluctuated between 242 and 246.9whp between the runs. On some of the runs, boost was actually lower than on the previous runs with the stock charge pipe.

We did 3 more pulls and numbers were still fluctuating, but good thing is they were the same as before or even higher depending on the boost level. It’s hard to call it a huge gain, but there is  gain. How much? well, this will depend on how consistant the car runs. Power is definitively more consistent  and the owner reports that the car feels a lot stronger top end.

There will be a video and full pictures up in a few days. Please stay tuned.

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