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2 Responses to Race gas money to fill up a Volvo in Sweden $8.50/gallon

  1. sabo578 says:

    watch out with heet and other octane boetosrs. the higher the octane level, the hotter the combustion extreme cases, this can cause the internatl parts to melt. check out the owner’s manual if you still have it. there should be an octane rating in it somewhere. since heet basically increases the octane level of gasoline, i don’t use it. if a higher octane is all that is required, i prefer simply purchasing the more expensive gasoline. at least then you get an accurate measure of what octane level you’re introducing to the engine, and it costs less ounce for ounce than actually purchasing heet, as well.keep warm with that thing!

  2. sabo578 says:

    the fact that abuses occur EVEN WITH retlgauion tells us that even more would occur without the retlgauion.I concede the historical point in part because Octane only became an issue when LEAD was banned – and note that the industry did not voluntarily ban it… the govt had to do it.But the law, requires that the Octane be posted and the posted value be what the fuel has.If there was no retlgauion – there would be no posting at many stations and many others that posted would likely sell lower octane fuel and advertise it as a higher octane – for a higher price.this is the part of the “free market”that basically incentivizes profits by cutting costs – which sometimes can and does lower quality by substituting unbeknownst to the buyer.It’s true that the buyer can sue for damages but we’ve already been through a history of this – and it’s a remedy not really feasible for most consumers.Yes, you can switch to other providers but there is no guarantee that they also won’t end up doing the same thing especially if the competition is undercutting them and taking sales.The contention seems to be that when the govt regulates that it is abrogating the “liberty”, the “rights” of those regulated.But the flip-side is what are the “rights” of those who buy to not be defrauded.And basically it comes down to a vote.Octane is but one of thousands of products that get regulated for basically the same reason – as a consumer protection – a protection that consumers want – and that according to the Constitution – have a process and a “right” to vote to have their govt – regulate.

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