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We were in the process of tuning this unique setup with X brand 44mm wastegate, but tuning was cut short because wastgate would not open properly to allow proper exhaust bleed.

Customer is from and he came to us in need of better boost control. After the guys at dynotech motorsports fab'd up the wastegate flage, we threw the car back on the dyno.


First pull, boost held steady 5psi.
Using our 3 port boost solenoid, we increased the boost to 16psi where it ended up making 454whp on stock motor and e85.

It had another 50hp, but could not rev the motor passed 7100rpms do to drop in voltage, which caused fuel pressure to drop. This cut our tuning session short, we will post more info and more pics as the car returns for the fine tune.

We project it will make over 500whp on 16-17psi on the k20a2 stock longbloack and ebay style 35r.


Pink is boost, this was not the final pull as you can see it needed more cam angles in the midrange.

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