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The 2013-2014 Hyundai veloster Turbo BOV w/ charge piping kit is finally here. No more searching for a BOV that will not throw check engine light or be able to keep up with your computer’s high tech solenoid control. Our synchronic line of DVs, BOVs and Radial r35mm valves have been tested and proved to function properly without pissing off your hyundai veloster.


As seen in the picture above, our kit includes everything ready for one to just bolt up the kit and go enjoy the soothing sound of your synchronic bov all while enhancing your throttle response and performance ( synchronic bov,dv and radial valves have been proven to hold boost better)






Our Traditional long Original BOV Option








The New Radial R35 Valve Option





Hyundai veloster doing baselines with oem dv







Synchronic DV installed on the dyno






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