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Gauges, yes no respectable car guy wants to be caught without one.  Having gauges means you know what your engine is doing, going, performing, power making, etc. You might even need gauges for not non-motor purposes, like on Impala lift kits, gauges indicate pressures that you need to have in mind while you roll about. You've likely stepped up a notch above the average guy on the street because you want to know what's actually going on in your engine, being in your old or your new car, since you can replace it easily if you get rid of the old one, with the use of services fom sites like that are experts on this.  Everyone makes gauges, they are a commodity.  Or at least, they've been made to be looked at as a commodity.  What's so special about these Synapse gauges besides simply looking pretty and cashing-in on everyone's need to have them?


ACCURACY -  Isn't that why you bought a gauge in the first place?  Some of you know that we've had intent for quite some time to put out these gauges, even having them appear on the Two Guy's Garage TV show.  But something happened along the way.  We started testing the sensors (sending units) that were being used by various suppliers out there and guess what?  They weren't accurate at High odds on sports bets Agen Judi SBOBET.  We could never get one to line up with the numbers coming off the standalone or the dyno, or the 12 volt $1200 sensor on one of our DAQs (Data Acquisition System).  So then the quest for a quality sensor began, especially one that is affordable to someone looking to buy a gauge.  And we've arrived.  Our auto services tucson az team dial gauges use a very accurate Japanese stepper motor unit that is very good with robust electronics.  But what good does that do if your sensor is junk.  So we've created a very accurate piezo-resistive (different technology) ceramic sensor that has very good response and linear accuracy at extreme temperatures.  In fact, you'll actually save money if you decide to get one of our gauges because the sensor is accurate enough that you can actually use it as a MAP sensor.  This way, what your gauge is reading is also what your standalone is seeing.  Surprise, surprise.

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Variation in Gauge Type – There is going to be two different specs of gauge you can get using the same sensor and aesthetically identical.  Price will dictate features.  We want everyone to have access to good instrumentation.  Just because it is less expensive, doesn't mean sacrificing quality.  We will also be releasing gauge models that most gauge manufacturers don't make, such as exhaust back pressure gauge for instance.


Sport – This will be a stepper motor gauge with a high resolution output and a high accuracy sensor


Professional – The Pro gauge will have a host of built in features, such as peak, hold, high and low alarm, and an output channel.  The output channel can be used with a warning light when you hit the set alarm.  However, you can also use it to turn on a relay which in turn can, turn on fans, turn on pumps, turn on lights, etc.  


Boost Safetm This interesting little feature is what got us into the idea of coming out with a gauge.  With Boost Safe, you can use any one of our gauges to activate a pneumatic solenoid connected to one of our BOV/DVs and open that valve to reduce boost pressure once you hit the set warning/alarm condition.  Yes, everyone has fuel and ignition cut.  But have you ever tried finishing off a lap or session spanking that cut in every gear, every time you hit the over boost limit?  No fun to say the least.


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