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What are the dimensions of the Synchronic BOV?


What improvements have been made to the Synchronic BOV?


What is a Port C delete and what is the service procedure?


Port C refers to the chamber behind the piston acuator. In previous generations of the Synchronic BOV port C was an independent chamber that needed an uninterupted boost signal to function properly.

Pressure flows in from the side port and pushes against the piston, this equalizes the pressure in both the inlet chamber and acuator chamber


In newer generations of the Synchronic BOV we have eliminated the need for an independent port C fitting.

If there is no port C on the side of your valve you have the newest version of BOV. Earlier versions with Port C deleted had a hex cap bolt installed on the side of the valve to seal off where port C used to be.

Port C delete service requires complete disassembly of the BOV to port the casting so the C chamber can receive it's pressure signal from the BOV inlet chamber.

Here you can see the internal port C.


If the Synchronic BOV you have purchased does not have a port C, then you have purchased the newest revision of the Synchronic BOV. The newest revision of the BOV has port C internally built in, therefore the installer no longer has to spend extensive time sourcing a boost only source for port C. 
The functionality of both versions of the BOV is identical. 
Can older Synapse BOV (those still have port C) be converted to internal boost feed?
Yes, we offer this port C delete service to those whom have the older version of the Synchronic BOV, and wish to update their BOV to the latest revision. The procedure is listed below:
Go to www.synapseengineering.com/support and start a service ticket record. 
Fill out the form in this link for the port C delete service, and then print it out.
The user must send in their BOV, the completed service form, and include a self addressed UPS or USPS return shipping label for sending the product back. 
The Service fee is $35.00. You may send the payment via PayPal to: info@synapseengineering.com. If you wish to pay for the service via credit card, please contact our tech support department directly at +1 (858) 457-1700.
The service turn around time is 5 to 7 days from the day our service department receives the package. Your online ticket record will be updated accordingly to help you track the progress.  

What is causing my Anti-Stall Kit leak?


What is the Anti-Stall Kit and how to properly install it?


What is the BOV upgrade kit, and what does it include?


What is the design philosophy behind the Synchronic Blow-Off valve


Why are the brass fittings for the signal ports not able to be screwed down completely?

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