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Boost Connect Fittings are Leaking


Below you will see an image of the approximate length of hose that is required to be pushed into the push connect type fittings. The hose is supposed to be inserted about 16mm from the end of the hose. Also, note how the hose is cut at a clean 90 degree angle. If there is a slant, there is a chance that the hose may not seal properly.  

Picture of the hose completely inserted into the fitting


How do I connect the polyurethane hard lines to my engine?


By utilizing some of the factory rubber tubing, it is easy to connect the hard polyurethane tubing to the engine. 

Take a look at the image below. In many applications, it is possible to insert the Boost Connect polyurethane tubing into the inside of the factory rubber hose and clamp the connection with a factory clamp or zip tie if a clamp is not available. 


Inner Diameter of Vacuum lines.


Our vacuum lines have an ID of 4mm.


Inter-functionality of Boost Connect Fittings/Lines


Boost Connect Connections

1) 1/8" NPT Barbed Fitting inserted in Female Boost Connect Push Connect Fitting.

2) 1/8" NPT Barbed Fitting inserted in Female Boost Connect Push Connect Fitting.

3) M4 Brass Barbed fitting screwed into Boost Connect Tubing to connect to rubber hose.

4) M4 Brass Barbed fitting included with WGs and older style BOVs.

5) Boost Connect Tubing connected to M4 Barbed fitting (older style BOVs and WGs).

6) Boost Connect Tubing connected to 1/8" NPT Barbed Fittings (DVs and newer style BOVs).

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