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Air:Fuel Ratio Changes with Synchronic Valve


Between the R35V, SB, DV and R55, which valve has the most flow rate ?


Do I need to re-lube my BOV like the other ones on the market?



Since Synchronic BOV is a piston actuated BOV, the question has come up whether or not it needs servicing with every oil change.  Or perhaps it wears out over time and stops working as well as when it is new.  The piston BOVs and DVs that are out on the market today, unfortunately have generated this false impression about the Synchronic BOV.  

The Synchronic BOV was specifically designed around this problem.  The blue is the valve and the piston is in red (see image below).  As you can clearly see, the piston is located in its own chamber.  The valving mechanism is an actual valve that doesn't require lubricant.  Existing piston designs have the actuating piston in communication with all of the airflow.  So that with each dump of the BOV, there is lubricant in the system that gets discharged with it.  Synchronic BOV does not need to be re-lubed since the actuating chambers retain all of our proprietary lubricant.  The lubricant does not evapaporate or fade over time.

And for those of you that may be wondering about the part of the piston that is exposed to airflow, there is a wiper in the mechanism to save lubricant and that surface gets relubed with each stroke of the piston.



How can I get replacement O-Rings if mine get damaged?


How do I fix my partial throttle loss of boost?


How do I make my BOV louder?


How do I make my Synchronic valve louder?


I have on-boost flutter that I did not have before, how do I fix it?


I have on-throttle flutter since installing the Synchronic BOV/DV


I'm afraid of stuff getting sucked into my BOV, what should I do?

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