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Which model fuel injectors are compatible with e85, ethanol, Q16 and/or methanol?


All of the injectors offered are compatible with all fuels, they will not stop working simply by using them with a fuel other than gasoline.  Certain models of injector will, however, swell internally and their effective flow rates will drop when used with Ethanol/E85/Methanol/Q16 compared to standard gasoline.


550cc, 750cc, 1000cc and 2200cc:  These injectors are compatible with race gas and standard pump gas.  If oxygenated and ethanol based fuels are used, the effective flow rate will be reduced within about 45 minutes of use.  For example, 2200cc injectors will effectively become 1700cc injectors.  It will take a few hours after switching back to gasoline before the original flow rate is available again.


1150cc and 1600cc:  These injectors are compatible with all fuels at their stated flow rates to include e85, ethanol, methanol and Q16.  They are more expensive than their standard gasoline counterparts because of the materials used in their construction.  They are stainless steel internals with more expensive seals that are compatible with the wide range of fuels.

Author: Peter J Medina
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