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Detailed 3D Models of SB BOV


Do I have to re-circulate the Synchronic BOV?


Do I need the 1/8th NPT Upgrade?


How many O-Rings does my flange need?



16011A / SB001.1A : 1 O-ring

16012A / SB001.2A : 1 O-ring

16013A / SB001.3A : 2 O-rings

16014A / SB001.4A : 1 O-ring

16016A / SB001.6A : 1 O-ring

16017A / SB001.7A : 2 O-rings

16018A / SB001.8A : 2 O-rings (1 on black, 1 on silver)

16019A / SB001.9A : 1 O-ring

16110A / SB001.10A : 1 O-ring

16111A / SB001.11A : 1 O-ring


I don't see a SB001 kit for my STI with a top mount intercooler.


I've started to experience compressor surge, or a different sound coming from the BOV.


Is it ok to block off Port C on the BOV if I do not use it?


Is the Blow-off Valve CARB certified?


Troubleshooting Steps: Synchronic BOV V1


Troubleshooting Steps: Synchronic BOV V2

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