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How do you make the knob rotation smoother?


How to connect and setup the Synapse MBC?


This guide is intended to give you instructions on how to connect the various ports of the Synapse MBC to configure your given setup.


MBC Ports BOV Overboost Centrifugal Blower Boost Control Turbo Quick Spool Valve Turbo Standard Roots Blower
  VENT Block Block ATM/MAF ATM/MAF Block
  BOOST Boost/Vac Boost Only Boost Only Boost Only Boost/Vac
  Signal Source Intake Manifold Compressor Compressor Compressor Intake Manifold
BOV Ports          
  A Atmosphere Atmosphere N/A N/A N/A
  B Boost/Vac Boost/Vac N/A N/A N/A
  Dedicated BOV? No Yes N/A N/A N/A
  Dedicated Signal Line Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBC Adjustment          
  Less Boost CCW CW CCW CW CCW
  More Boost CW CCW CW CCW CW


Wastegate Wastegate Actuator
ATM/MAF Atmosphere or between Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) and compressor inlet
Boost Only Boost pressure only, pre-throttle, no vacuum
Boost/Vac Boost and vacuum, past throttle plate
Intake Manifold Behind throttle plate, dynamic vacuum and boost, not to solenoid or vacuum only reservoir
Compressor Discharge Immediately after compressor outlet, pre-intercooler
Atmosphere Open air, 0" pressure, air you breathe
CW Clockwise
CCW Counter Clockwise
Compressor Discharge Compressor discharge is boost-only, pre-throttle, no vacuum
Less Boost Reduce boost pressure
More Boost Increase boost pressure
BOV Overboost This application would use the BOV as a single device for both a boost/vacuum BOV and an overboost BOV
Centrifugal Blower Boost Control This application would use the BOV as a device dedicated only as a pressure relief BOV for overboost
Turbo Quick Spool Valve This application uses the MBC to quick spool the turbo by interrupting the signal between the wastegate and boost source
Turbo Standard This application uses the MBC to tee into the boost source to the wastegate and bleed pressure to raise boost
Roots Blower This application uses the MBC to tee into the boost source to the bypass actuator and bleed pressure to lower boost
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