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Air:Fuel Ratio Changes with Synchronic Valve


Between the R35V, SB, DV and R55, which valve has the most flow rate ?


Do I need to re-lube my BOV like the other ones on the market?


How can I get replacement O-Rings if mine get damaged?


How do I fix my partial throttle loss of boost?


How do I make my BOV louder?


How do I make my Synchronic valve louder?


I have on-boost flutter that I did not have before, how do I fix it?


I have on-throttle flutter since installing the Synchronic BOV/DV


On quick spooling turbos on small displacement engines such as Evos, at lower RPMs at high load, the compressor is delivering more air than the engine is able to ingest. The result is turbo flutter. The turbo is spooling and pushing more air than the engine can handle. On compressor maps, this means the engine is operating on the left hand side of the surge/stall line. 

The way the vehicle manufacturers got around this issue was by designing a leak into their factory diverter valves.

When you replace the leaky factory diverter valve with a perfectly sealing Synchronic BOV or DV, suddenly the turbo starts to flutter. The BOV/DV is staying shut while this flutter is happening. By replacing the leaking factory diverter valve, you're not forcing the turbo to work as hard to maintain pressure. Without tuning the wastegate duty cycle for a lower boost pressure at the trouble RPMs, this flutter can affect drivability and air/fuel ratios. 

For some more information, take a look at the following article by enginebasics: http://www.enginebasics.com/Advanced%20Engine%20Tuning/Turbo%20Surge.html


I'm afraid of stuff getting sucked into my BOV, what should I do?

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