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Individual Throttle Body Engine (ITB): Why won't by DV/BOV open?


If your engine is equipped with individual throttle bodies, you will need to make sure that the vacuum source you are using for the BOV/DV is NOT sourced from only one runner/cylinder.  Sourcing vacuum from only one runner will not have a high enough resolution for the actuating force needed to control the BOV/DV.

You will need to connect all 4 or more cylinders to a common tee, manifold or distribution block in order to get a proper actuating signal.  In most factory ITB configurations, there is a balance tube that connects all four intake runners, you should tap into this common port to use with your BOV/DV.

In some instances, I4, V6 and V8 engines with a common throttle body will also experience this same type of problem if the vacuum signal is sourced from only one intake runner instead of a common volume such as the plenum. 

Author: Peter Medina

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