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Category: Compressor Valves: BOV/DV/Radial R35/R55

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Individual Throttle Body Engine (ITB): Why won't by DV/BOV open?


Is it okay to run two dedicated vacuum lines for the BOV/DV?


Is My BOV/DV/R35/R55 Kit Missing Components?


Our application-specific or vehicle-specific kits are built with the components tailored for that particular vehicle.  We frequently update the parts included in these kits to optimize their performance on the vehicle based on our R&D activities.


Beware that there are retailers that purchase separate components included in our kits and market them as the kit part number.  This is not authorized by Synapse Engineering, please report any retailer you believe is selling product in this manner.  When a retailer goes around the sytem and assembles their own kits there is a very high chance that their version of the kit is missing components from our designated kit number.  There are also system integrators in the marketplace that offer kits which we do not offer, and for which they have developed their kits independent of Synapse, Those systems integrators do not fall under this warning.  


We will only warranty missing components on Synapse assembled kits with accompanying labels to indicate it is as such.


My BOV leaks at idle or low load situations!


My BOV/DV/R35/R55 is open at idle, what does this mean?


My stock or XXX brand BOV had only 1 port going to vacuum. How do I connect the 2 ports on my BOV to my engine?


My valve opens after X amount of boost, how do I keep it closed?


Proper Boost-Leak Test Procedure


SB & DV Adapter Flanges Compatibility List


Things to Know Before Purchasing a Synapse Compressor Valve

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