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Individual Throttle Body Engine (ITB): Why won't by DV/BOV open?


Is it okay to run two dedicated vacuum lines for the BOV/DV?


Is My BOV/DV/R35/R55 Kit Missing Components?


My BOV leaks at idle or low load situations!


My BOV/DV/R35/R55 is open at idle, what does this mean?


My stock or XXX brand BOV had only 1 port going to vacuum. How do I connect the 2 ports on my BOV to my engine?


My valve opens after X amount of boost, how do I keep it closed?


Proper Boost-Leak Test Procedure


If you are performing a boost-leak test on your system with the Synchronic BOV installed.  You will need to follow the instructions below in order to do the test properly.  These instructions assume that you have the throttle plate closed when pressurizing the system.

There are 2 versions of the Synchronic BOV in circulation today.  They are mechanically different on the outside.

1)  3 port BOV with Port C (Older model).  Two ways to test.

  • disconnect ALL lines to the BOV including Port C and leave them vented to atmosphere.
  • Or, connect all lines, Port A, B, C to the pressure source

2)  2 port BOV.

  • Pressurize ports A/B/A+B as well as the inlet of the BOV.

Tech Note:  If using a port combination like boost/vac to Port A only, or Port B only works well for your setup.  You can also use a regulator to determine at what pressure the BOV will naturally leak pressure.  If you are running the Synchronic BOV on a compounded turbo system, or anything higher than 70 psi of boost pressure, you will need to have both ports connected.  With both ports connected, the BOV will not open up to 250+ psi of working pressure.


SB & DV Adapter Flanges Compatibility List


Things to Know Before Purchasing a Synapse Compressor Valve

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