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Category: Compressor Valves: BOV/DV/Radial R35/R55

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Individual Throttle Body Engine (ITB): Why won't by DV/BOV open?


Is it okay to run two dedicated vacuum lines for the BOV/DV?


Is My BOV/DV/R35/R55 Kit Missing Components?


My BOV leaks at idle or low load situations!


My BOV/DV/R35/R55 is open at idle, what does this mean?


My stock or XXX brand BOV had only 1 port going to vacuum. How do I connect the 2 ports on my BOV to my engine?


My valve opens after X amount of boost, how do I keep it closed?


Proper Boost-Leak Test Procedure


SB & DV Adapter Flanges Compatibility List


Things to Know Before Purchasing a Synapse Compressor Valve


Before purchasing a Synchronic valve there are several facets of the product that you need to know and understand that differentiate it from any other product on the market today.

  • There is no diaphragm.  There is only a stepped piston with o-rings.
  • When installed, the valve will perform according to the signal that is connected to the two ports A, B or A+B.  Vacuum will open it, boost will close it, and without a signal it will be closed.
  • There are two actuation ports on each valve, Port A (closest to center) and Port B (further from the center).
  • When the valve is installed, it will be open under vacuum.  This includes idle conditions.  This is by design, this is not a leak, the valve will close by -4" of vacuum and will seal over 100+ psi of boost.
  • If you have an MAF (Mass Air Flow) equipped vehicle, you will need to recirculate the discharge of the Synchronic valve.  This cannot be done with certain valves such as the Radial R35 and R55.
  • The valve will operate with any OEM control system.  It can be controlled by the OEM ECU and solenoid.

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