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What are the dimensions of the Synchronic BOV?


The dimensions of the Synchronic BOV can be seen in the attached drawing.

Inches are represented in brackets, milimeters are represented below that.  Each measurement is accurate to +- 1 of the last digit.

Download PDF Datasheet: SB Packaging.pdf (30.01 KB)
Please note you will need the free Adobe Reader™ to view this file.

What improvements have been made to the Synchronic BOV?


What is a Port C delete and what is the service procedure?


What is causing my Anti-Stall Kit leak?


What is the Anti-Stall Kit and how to properly install it?


What is the BOV upgrade kit, and what does it include?


What is the design philosophy behind the Synchronic Blow-Off valve


Why are the brass fittings for the signal ports not able to be screwed down completely?

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