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What do I do with a port that is not being used? Do I cap it?


What do I do with unused ports on the SB BOV, Diverter Valve or Wastegate?


What is the best Port A-B setup for the race track?


What is the difference between a BOV (Blow-Off Valve) and DV (Diverter Valve)?



It basically comes down to the name. Traditionally a BOV is used to Vent to Atmosphere (VTA), while a Diverter Valve (DV) / By Pass Valve (BPV) is used to divert the excess charged air back into the charge pipe.  It becomes a matter of semantics between who you ask in the community.  VW/Audi (VAG) people like to call things diverter valves, while Honda users tend to refer to them as blow-off valves.
Both of our SB BOV and DV can be run in VTA or recirculated setups.  The R35 and R55 Trident radial valves are atmospheric discharge only valves.  The differences are listed here:

The BOV is pressure tested to seal up to 100psi, while the DV is tested up to 60psi.

The DV will flow slightly more than the BOV.  From highest flow to lowest flow rates.

The DV is a more compact unit than the BOV, if clearance may be an issue, use these dimensions to help you.
BOV Dimensions: http://synapseengineering.com/support/faq/pdf/SB%20Packaging.pdf
DV Dimensions: http://synapseengineering.com/support/faq/pdf/DV%20Packaging.pdf
Tuneability and setup possibilities.  Both the BOV and DV can be fine tuned using the preload adjuster.
The BOV can be run in Pull mode with port combinations: B, or A+B
The DV can be run in Push or Pull mode with port combinations: B, A+B

Sound differences can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TR0ZnpW4IE


What is the difference between Port A and Port B


What replacement lubricant can be used with Synchronic valves?


Which is better for me? SB series BOV or the DV Series Diverter Valve?


Whistling Under Vaccum or Cruising Conditions


Why is the BOV/DV/R35/R55 relieving pressure when I pressure test it on the bench?

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