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What do I do with a port that is not being used? Do I cap it?


What do I do with unused ports on the SB BOV, Diverter Valve or Wastegate?


What is the best Port A-B setup for the race track?


What is the difference between a BOV (Blow-Off Valve) and DV (Diverter Valve)?


What is the difference between Port A and Port B


What replacement lubricant can be used with Synchronic valves?


Which is better for me? SB series BOV or the DV Series Diverter Valve?


As far as the actuating mechanisms, both use the Patented Synchronic Tiered Piston design, with the same dimensions on the piston. The main benefit towards going with a DV series Diverter Valve over the SB Series BOV is the size and ease of plumbing in to stock Diverter Valve locations. 

In our testing the SB series BOV was able to react slightly faster to pressure changes compared to the Diverter Valve.

The most recent version of the SB series BOV and DV series Diverter Valve both only have 2 connections to control ports A and B. The port C is taken care of internally. Plumbing would be the same between the Diverter Valve and Blow Off valve. Both are compatable with the boost connect type fittings.

As of V3 SB and V2 DV, the SB is a higher flowing unit.  The DV will never be able to have a valve larger than its current size of a 28 mm opening with a 35 mm valve, in contrast the V3 SB has a 35 mm valve opening with a 40 mm valve.


Whistling Under Vaccum or Cruising Conditions


Why is the BOV/DV/R35/R55 relieving pressure when I pressure test it on the bench?

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