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DV Setup


I have a 2008+ WRX (non-STI). What Kits are available for me?


SB & DV Adapter Flanges Compatibility List


What are the dimensions of the Synchronic DV?


What is the difference between Push and Pull Mode on the DV?


Which Synchronic DV kit is for my Volkswagen/Audi with 1.8T


Yellow DV Spring [AC017]


The Yellow DV spring that is included with many of our popular DV kits is really meant to be a "Street" spring.  The spring is soft enough to quickly get rid of surge/flutter on fast spooling sensitive turbo systems, especially MAF cars, but you do have to be careful with how you apply it.  It is meant to help improve day-to-day driveability.  At times, it may even help on-throttle surge by being soft enough to keep the valve slightly open at the initial onset of boost at low rpms.


Port A+B:  It will hold boost to 45-60 psi in both push and pull

Port B only A to atmosphere:  It may limit boost to 20-25 psi in either push or pull.  If you find that this is the only configuration that works with your setup, then you'll need to apply more pre-load.

In any road racing, autocross or rally condition, it is recommended to use the standard spring.

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